Leaders: What Holds You Back?

It’s the Leader’s responsibility to make the big decisions. Yet there are times when leaders freeze. They can’t make the call. They can’t pull the trigger. What holds them back? In my early career I was a banker. We had a saying. “There are old bankers and there are bo...

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Leadership in Times of Crisis – Finding the CALM

It would be surprising if anyone on the planet with access to any form of communication (old or new) didn’t know about the coronavirus. We have news of it popping up every few seconds as messages unfold about closures, cancellations, and other alerts regarding the spread. I respect the need t...

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COVID-19 Pandemic Impact and Wake-Up Call for Supply Chain Management

Dear Fellow APICS Houston Members and Colleagues: Our members, guests, and community are what is most important to us, and your safety remains our top priority. As communicated, in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic and its impact to our community, the APICS Houston Board of Director has implem...

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