Principles of Operation

Principles of Operations Management Series

The Principles of Operation Management series of study delivers an exciting classroom-based, instructor-led, exercise rich educational opportunity for people new to materials and operations management or people working in positions that interact with this field.

Based on a solid body of knowledge that has evolved over the past half-century, the five-course format teaches essential basic concepts, principles, techniques, and terminology of materials and operations management.

Completion of the series will greatly improve participants’ knowledge of the many roles and systems used in operations management and will enable them to more effectively perform and manage their own functions as well as collaborate with other organizational departments.

Targeted Audience

The Principles series is designed for students and workers who need a thorough introduction to the essential basic principles, vocabulary, concepts and techniques of production and inventory management in manufacturing, distribution, and retail environments.

Students within production and inventory organizations will receive a deeper understanding of their own systems, roles, and impacts while students in finance, sales support, customer service, IT, HR and other support organizations will learn what goes on in the plant and how their support systems interface with the production systems to deliver overall customer satisfaction.

Series Structure

The Principles of Operations Management series consists of five courses, each comprised of eleven 3-hour class sessions, an array of optional advanced course materials, a mid-term exam, and a final exam.

Although each course belongs to the series, there is no inter-dependency between the courses. Students can take all or some of them in any order they wish. Certificates of Completion will be awarded at the end of each of the five courses but no final certification is available.

The five course modules are as follows:

Class Schedule

Classes are offered periodically throughout the year.  See the Calendar for detailed information including pricing and dates.

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