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Welcome to APICS Houston!

We provide APICS certification classes, professional development meetings, plant tours and more. Join Houston Chapter's 800+ members to start learning, sharing, collaborating, networking and growing.

'Leadership for the New Normal – Are you Prepared?'

Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends,
We are living in unprecedented times where organizations in every industry and sector are working to adjust to a new normal. In this new normal, fundamental changes in consumer behavior, supply chains, and go-to-market strategies are knocking companies off balance. Companies were tested and uncovered the need for leaders to accelerate the adoption of agile ways of working and value chain transformation to help outmaneuver uncertainty.

In order to survive and thrive in a new normal, leaders must be willing to change and adapt. Conventional approaches and capabilities are unlikely to be effective in our post Covid-19 environment. Companies must learn to thrive amid uncertainty and accelerating change to new changing customer expectations. The challenge is to run the business efficiently while positioning it for new opportunities.

What Leadership is needed? How can we help?
Leading an organization during this period of uncertainty is a very tall order. Our ability to quickly adapt to the new norm is being tested like never before. I’ve been engaged on discussions with business leaders to help them to prepare their organizations for a new normal. Although no one knows what exactly to expect as we emerge from the pandemic crisis. We should accept that the business environment is unlikely to return to the "normal" that we knew before – at least not any time soon, if ever. Businesses right now need leaders who can navigate unchartered water with clarity of vision and purpose even when they can’t see the distant shore. 

Supply chain professionals are rising to this challenge to become the change leaders that the business need now! We can influence positive change, lead the digital transformation and prepare our professionals through our programs and certifications. Visit apics-houston.org to equip yourself and get ready!!

At APICS Houston, I’ve been evaluating & redesigning how to take care of our members, customers and continue pushing forward business objectives, all while adapting our operating business model and digital transformation to continue creating value in this digital world. I’m glad to report that our rapid response, digital readiness, and business continuity plan was essential to establish control of the situation and enable our critical business functions continue to operate without disruptions. During the last 10 months, we’ve strengthened our infrastructure, back-office process and a strong balance sheet – therefore, we are well positioned to maximize growth opportunities

Personally, the silver lining of this crisis has been “catalyzing innovation in the way we provide educational services and rethinking how we should keep doing business and how I should be leading the organization for the future”. Take this opportunity to reflect, learn a new skill to prepare for the new normal! We will be extending additional discounts through the month of July – visit Apics-Houston.org

In addition, in 2H 2020, We plan to offer new incentives for classes and certifications, better professional development sessions and supply chain networking opportunities. We will invest to create additional value for our membership.  

In closing, I like to highlight some key comments, events and accomplishments:

  • I want to reiterate that - APICS Houston Chapter is and will always be a place where we value diversity, inclusion, and belonging
  • I will dedicate some networking events to our diversity!
  • We're proud to be one of the top Chapters with the most diversity in our group!
  • Rebranding Yourself on this competitive market – FREE EVENT on June 24th!
  • Register @ apics-houston.org
  • ASCM Deloitte Supply Chain Case Competition: Houston Won!!
  • We're sending the winning Team of Students to the final at ASCM International Conference
  • Offering education classes & certifications via virtual learning.
  • Visit: apics-houston.org for class schedules. 

We are committed to you, our industries, and community. I encourage you to reach out directly to me if we can be of any additional service to you. We can assist with risk assessments and supply chain redesigns.

Thank you for all you do to make a positive impact, especially during these challenging times.

Dave Cabello
President – APICS Houston

Please remember that our volunteers are making a difference in our community. I’m sure you’ll also enjoy these opportunities to serve and grow…and make others feel better because of your service. If you are interested please send me an email to [email protected]. Space is limited.

For 10+ years, the Houston Chapter has been recognized as a Platinum Chapter, the highest certificate of quality awarded by APICS to its Educational Partners.


Dear Members, Colleagues & Friends:

With great sadness, we announce the loss of our beloved long-time APICS Houston member and colleague, Bill Cure. Bill was a valued member of APICS and Instructor community for the last 43 years. We share our sincere condolences with his family.

During the "Virtual" Supply Chain Mixer celebrated on Thursday Mar 21st, we had a section in the agenda to remember and honoring Bill. In Bill's Memory - we have unveiled a Tribute's page where you can share your memories and pictures. Below is the link to the Tribute page:



Dave Cabello